[aprssig] APRS 144.39 FIVE channels

Erv Heimbuck erv at heimbuck.com
Mon May 9 00:45:42 EDT 2011

I think you ment  144.99 -600 for the last one or it would be out of band


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>> Yes, currently I recommend that all APRS radios should have 3 
>> channels for APRS on 144.39.
>> One has 144.39 CTCSS 100 for normal ops with voice alert One has 
>> 144.39 CTCSS XXX for basically SILENT operations One has 144.39 no 
>> tone for monitoring the channel by ear
>> Then one can easily change between the 3 without ever touching the 
>> volume control (which should always be up).

After this weekend's outstanding success using 144.39 +600 with split
digipeaters that tripled our success rate to nearly 100%, I now recommend
adding 2 more memorys to the above:

144.39 +600 CTCSS 100 for high reliable Event reporting
144.39 -600 no tone to ACT as a split digi

NOtice you can also use the last one as a quick Proximity detector for other
nearby SPLT operators.  If you want to see if anyone is in simplex range you
just set the channel with -600 and listen for a few minutes.  If you hear a
packet, someone is in SIMPLEX range and you can call them on Voice Alert.  

When operating SPLIT, you must always go to the 144.39 CTCSS 100 NO SHIFT to
TALK or RESPOND.  THough you can hear a Voice Alert call with the split.


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