[aprssig] Blutooth GPS under LINUX

Greg D ko6th.greg at gmail.com
Wed May 4 00:20:31 EDT 2011

I thought Bluetooth always requires pairing to work. Part of the 
security system so that only devices you want and allow to talk to each 
other will do so.

What distro of Linux do you have? I only played with Bluetooth once, a 
couple of years ago, to connect to a cell phone to transfer pictures 
from it. (If you used the "service" provider's method, they charge you 
for each of YOUR pictures that you want to rescue from the phone, and 
USB was somehow inoperative...). Anyway, the Linux distro was OpenSuSE, 
and there was a nice KDE application that controlled the whole process. 
Once we figured out where it stashed the pictures, the rest was pretty easy.

Greg KO6TH

Dan Smith wrote:
>> pairing ?
> Yeah, may be. The devices I had used in the past (it's been a while) 
> didn't require pairing to behave.

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