[aprssig] APRS Mapping with Weather Radar Overlay?

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Tue Mar 29 16:04:53 EDT 2011

A more proper statement would be:

When AE5PL implemented a weather server in 2009, he opted to make the packet generation targeted for RF (the original purpose of Dale's weather server which had gone out of service).  To do so, only packets relating to alerts that the NWS deems "meteorological" in nature, "immediate" urgency, and relating to "actual" phenomena are generated.

This limits packets that might find their way to an otherwise busy RF frequency to warnings that the NWS has determined present a danger to the general public.  This is in accordance to the belief that the primary mission of APRS-IS is to interconnect amateur radio APRS RF networks and that all packets inserted onto APRS-IS should be assumed to be gated to RF somewhere in the world.  This implementation provides efficient and usable warnings to APRS users in the field (spotters, for instance) while not rendering their local frequency useless from overload.

The mission for FireNet has always been focused on providing information to Internet clients and can therefore accept the extremely large number of packets that are generated based on informational alerts from the NWS.  The WE7U packets are only inserted into FireNet to reduce the possibility of overloading RF frequencies with informational messages during a weather event.


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> > When AE5PL took over the APRS weather server in July 2009, he opted to
> > drastically reduce the amount of traffic by dropping the advisories
> > and warnings and send only the most urgent "Warnings" (severe events
> > actually underway).
> WE7U has restored some of the original functionality in his implementation.
> It is available firenet.us. I think the source call is WE7U-WX?

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