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Joe Jesson jjesson at voyager.net
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My point is I want to see the data and know the facts.... and NOT some nanny 
state like NY telling me I cannot monitor radiation -  a proven but 
invisible carcinogen.    Years ago, as an MTS at the University of Chicago 
Jones, Searle and Fermi labs I may know just a wee bit about radioactivity 
and, contrary to the "Progressive" State of NY, I am not a moron running 
around yelling "fire" in a hosery factory!

This motivates me to take my GM-10 geiger counter into midtown Monday... and 
log my daily walk across midtown. While I may come across to be slightly 
paranoid, I just wonder why NYC monitors radiation at the Penn train station 
and the Lincoln tunnel?

73,  Joe Jesson, KC2VGL

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> Contrary go Guido's assertion, below,  there have been quite a few  deaths 
> from panic in the US, particularly from fire.
> Simply look up "Copacabana Fire" and you will see what happens. For  that 
> matter, check out Orson Well's "War of the Worlds" radio show in  1938. 
> That was a panic over a mere radio play; it is NOT clear that  there were 
> any deaths attributed.
> Now, clearly, these were NOT the same a a radiation panic. But, the  "War 
> of the Worlds" shows just how susceptible people are, and I do  not think 
> they have changed much in the last 50+ years.
> Jim Wagner
> Tangent, Or
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>> On Thu, 2011-03-24 at 05:03 +0000, jjesson at voyager.net wrote:
>>> Here is another good reason to own a geiger counter and not sure  what 
>>> happened since 2008:
>>> http://dwarmstr.blogspot.com/2008/01/new-york-wants-to-ban-geiger-counters.html
>> Yes, panic is the only side-effect of having such a monitoring  network.
>> But panic has never killed anyone, panic is something which usually  can
>> only saves lives.
>> If the driver in front of you suddenly brakes, you get panic and you
>> also brake suddenly and perhaps an accident is prevented. Without  panic,
>> perhaps that situation would result in an accident.
>> Or at least this is my opinion...
>> In case of an anomalous situation it is always better to cross-check
>> with authorities (or at least with other sources). In any case, where
>> possible a disclaimer should be printed out (e.g. station's website,
>> perhaps APRS comment field and so on).
>> I suppose it's a very similar situation to CWOP/NWS. There isn't a  paid
>> staff behind CWOP and everything is done as a best effort. But this
>> doesn't necessarily mean that CWOP could not turn out to be useful.
>> 73,
>> Guido IZ6RDB
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