[aprssig] APRS symbols 1.3? FLOOD Gages and Radiation

Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) ldeffenb at homeside.to
Thu Mar 24 11:46:12 EDT 2011

You need to connect to the firenet.us feed to see the water stations.  
There's LOTS of them!  They may not be sending weather-formatted data, 
but there's a bunch of stations.

Also, the capital-W is in use by stations that aren't currently weather 
stations (see below for a short list of packets).

I'm still asking myself "why change what's working" (_ and w with 
weather) instead of just extending it to include the new features (add 
defined overlays).

If you've got a station that can detect a change in measured value to 
change its symbol to a hazard, it's probably smart enough to keep 
transmitting the existing weather data and ADD an appropriate area 
object to indicate the hazardous condition which actually makes it more 
easily noticed than a morphing station symbol.

I'm just struggling to see what the 4 weather-data-containing symbols 
gets us as opposed to extending the existing 2.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

PS. Here's the s/W/W filter for the past 3 minutes or so manually edited 
to eliminate duplicate packets.

70F iGate/WX Station - 4 mi E of Brady. Midnight repeater org.
OT2m+WS2300 by www.R20.de  Sysop DO7DPóy
DL1HDL-5>APOT21,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1,qAR,DD3TF-10:!5337.00N/01009.14EW 10.7V  
33C WX Station in Hmb-Oldenfelde
E27CTN-9>APGJW6,qAR,E27DRU-1:!1241.02NP10116.62EW089/003STOP at IRPC  GROUP 
RAYONG 144.950 MHz
IV3ONZ>APU25N,WIDE3-3,qAR,IQ3MF-15:=4550.64N/01329.36EWCWOP / APRSWXNET 
AT165 {UIV32}
KB1FDA-1>BEACON,qAR,K9UDX:;145.330-R*111111z4403.55N/07215.46WWrT100 R25m
KQ5S-13>APWW07,TCPIP*,qAC,Firenet:=/=61(:%;bW sT  APRS-IS for Win32
Davis VP2 {UIV32N}
va3eti at rac.ca -250-<630>
W5MAF>APN382,WIDE3-3,qAS,N5MXE-11:!3156.55N110211.29WW/APRS for West 
Texas & Eastern NM SKYWARN b2
Ruskin Florida (TNC Only)

On 3/24/2011 11:34 AM, Bob Bruninga wrote:
> Lynn,
> Yes, we are thinking the same but emails passed at the same time.
> Yes, that is my proposal.  Im using "*" now as a WILDCARD to include /, \,
> #.
> Only *_ and *W would be parsed for WX and any other sensor data in the WX
> format.
> But then we would also want to parse all *H (hazard objects) too, since once
> the given weather or sensor station detected a threshold, it would switch to
> an appropriate hazard symbol.
> But then we have the backwards compatibility issue with the 2007 flood
> gages.  I see 8 of them on the air right now (/w).  I don't see any
> "flooding right now either (\w).  None of them appear to be sending water
> level info in the Weather format, so I think we can implement the above
> WEATHER/SENSOR Parsing rule without impact?
> Bob, Wb4APR
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> I'm not a flood-guage person, but hopefully you'll take my (squawking)
> feedback.
> Did you really mean capital-W?  They are NOT currently weather data and
> are not parsed as such.  They are Weather Stations.  The Underscore and
> lower-case w are all that are currently parsed for weather that I'm
> aware of.
> So, with what I read below, we go from TWO underscore and lower-case w
> to FOUR underscore, lower-case w, upper-case W, and upper-case H
> possibly base symbols, ALL of which MIGHT contain weather-formatted
> sensor data?
> Is that really your intent?  Why not just keep it underscore and
> lower-case w with overlays on the w to pick up the new "weather" sources?
> Why parse Hazards for weather data?  They, as you mentioned earlier,
> should be objects, possibly area objects, showing the hazard and the
> extent of the hazard, not measurements all the time.
> And I don't know who, if anyone, uses Weather Stations (capital-W), but
> to my knowledge it has never had measurements being parsed from it before.
> Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32
> On 3/24/2011 11:06 AM, Bob Bruninga wrote:
>> OK, How this!?
>> Flood Gauge people please give us feedback!
>> This proposal is a continuation of the great symbol set expansion proposed
>> under aprs 1.2 back in 2007.  That is, that Overlay characters could be
>> added to ANY symbol, thus increasing the combined combination of symbol
>> indicators by hundereds.  Both Kenwood and Yaesu now already support
>> universal overlays in their radios.
>> This discussion of Radiation Hazards and Radiation Sensors has caused a
>> thorough re-look at where we stand.  We simply need to expand the overlays
>> for WX stations.  Currently /W and \W should be parsed for Weather.  So
>> shouldn't also #W with any overlay?  In that case, I propose the following
>> overlays for the WX symbol so they are backwards compatible to existing
>> symbol sets:
>> 1) RW is a weather station highlighting its Radiation Sensor (#W)
>> 2) FW is a weather station highlighting its Flood Gauge (was /w or \w)
>> These stations can automatically change their symbol depending on what is
>> going on.  If either the Radiation sensor or Flood gage is showing BENIGN
>> readings, then it can simply show the WX symbol (/W) but when elevated
>> readings of either sensor begin to rise, the station can change its
> symbol.
>> When a SERIOUS threshold is exceeded, these same stations can then change
>> their symbol to either of the following HAZARD symbols
>> 3) RH is a Radiation Hazard OBJECT to HIGHLIGHT a radiation Hazard
>> 4) FH is a FLOODING HAZARD to highlight a flooding hazard
>> 5) WH is a WIND HAZARD
>> The result to client code is that only #W (weather) and #H (hazards) need
> to
>> be scanned for all Weather and other SENSOR data, not an ever incremental
>> change to code for each new symbol added.  Here is the impact on CODE?:
>> That is, now, only /W, \W and #W symbols need to be parsed for weather
> data
>> (which can include FLOOD data and Radiation data).. plus since 2007, /w
> and
>> \w for floods.
>> This seems like the most simplest and consistent approach.  BUT The
> problem
>> is that in 2007 we suggested /w for flood gages and \w for FLOODING
> events.
>> Has this made it into any NON-CHANGEABLE hardware or software?  Probably
> so.
>> Therefore, we still need to allow for legacy checking of /w and \w symbols
>> for weather and flood info.  But can we phase this out in the long term?
>> Flood gauge people, please comment.
>> Bob, wb4apr
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