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Eric Lorenz K9LGE k9lge at emlorenz.com
Tue Mar 22 22:37:18 EDT 2011

Perhaps let's not be so quick to blame that on Firefox? The reason it 
doesn't work on half the company sites you deal with is because those 
companies have chosen to take a short-sighted approach to their web 
development and code their sites solely for IE- partially due to the 
fact that M$ decided to essentially create their 'own' version of HTML 
instead of using standard HTML. This makes it a lot harder for devs to 
code a site for multiple browsers. Part of it is just laziness on the 
devs. part. I'm getting tired of M$ thinking they can dictate web standards.

I have found Firefox to be a great browser. It is a lot safer and 
efficent then M$ in my experience. It is pretty much what I use. Unless 
I need the site for some reason, if they have chosen to tie their site 
so tightly to IE that it won't render properly in other browsers (like 
Firefox)..I'm gone. Their loss.

Just my .0755 (adjusted for inflation)

Eric K9LGE

On 03/22/2011 09:14 PM, KB0NLY wrote:
> Of course it is.. Firefox sucks... Google Chrome is pretty dull...
> I used to be ok with Firefox but it doesn’t work for half the company 
> websites I deal with that are written for IE only.
> Scott

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