[aprssig] ISS internet feed

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Sun Mar 20 17:32:00 EDT 2011


I need to know because I run multiple platforms and scripts here at home

I see a need for a satellite IS feed server. I will start work on that


Andrew VK4TEC

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> Andrew, I am not going to get into how a server works internally as it is 
> immaterial and varies between software.  A packet is considered a 
> duplicate if the station of origin, destination callsign ("To call" sans 
> SSID) , and I field (all data) are the same.  How a server determines 
> that, maintains its dupe list, etc. varies between server software and is 
> not germane to this discussion.  The destination callsign is included 
> because it can represent data in Mic-E format packets.  Paths are ignored 
> as they do not alter packet content.
> Hope this clears it up for you.  Per your original question and hopefully 
> to put this thread to rest, it is not possible to create a "special" feed 
> containing duplicate packets within the current APRS-IS architecture.
> 73,
> Pete Loveall AE5PL
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>> So please correct me if I am wrong
>> + The same packet is cut down by a sliding window so only one copy 
>> exists.
> At any one server.  Since there are hundreds of servers, different 
> "copies" may exist in a network.
>> + A different packet will be let through because it is not the same.
> The definition of not being a duplicate.
>> + The APRS-IS does not look at any timestamps ?
> Time stamps, if they exist, are part of the packet data (I field) and 
> therefore are used to differentiate between packets (see explanation 
> above).
>> Or does a time stamp simply make a packet "different"
>> How does the APRS-IS server build a list of packets to check against ? 
>> RAM or
>> database ?
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