[aprssig] Cross Band Repeat on TM-D700A double as digi?

Alex Carver kf4lvz at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 14 13:20:07 EDT 2011

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> Subject: Re: [aprssig] Cross Band Repeat on TM-D700A double
> as digi?
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> On 3/13/2011 9:20 PM, Wayne Sanderson wrote:
> > I am curious- If I set my mobile TM-D700A into Cross
> Band Repeat mode
> > and set the A side to 144.39 and the B side to a
> packet segment of the
> > 60cm band, might it bounce the APRS traffic onto 60cm
> and any 60cm
> > APRS packets over to 2 meter? I live in a townhouse
> community where I
> > can't have a home antenna, so my handhelds are my only
> home access to
> > APRS and they don't hit the nearest digi from inside
> the house. If
> > this works, I can keep a mini nub antenna on my D72
> and run APRS on
> > 60cm at low power and my mobile can be my gate into
> the 2 meter APRS
> > network. Any thoughts?
> I assume you mean 70 cm
> The cross-band digipeating does work, but only one way
> since you define RX on 
> one side and TX on the other.  In the mobile you will
> have to configure RX on B 
> (UHF and TX on A (2M).    The hand-held's setup
> will be the opposite -- data RX 
> on band A (two meters) and data TX on band B (UHF) 
>    The result is that you 
> will be transmitting with the aid of the mobile, but
> receiving direct on two 
> meters.

You're thinking Locked-Band not Cross-band.  The cross-band repeater mode on the D700 does two-way repeating.  The locked-band repeater is one-way repeating.

In either case the digipeater can not be turned on while the cross-band or locked-band repeater mode is turned on.


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