[aprssig] Cross Band Repeat on TM-D700A double as digi?

Wayne Sanderson whsander at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 00:20:53 EDT 2011

I am curious- If I set my mobile TM-D700A into Cross Band Repeat mode
and set the A side to 144.39 and the B side to a packet segment of the
60cm band, might it bounce the APRS traffic onto 60cm and any 60cm
APRS packets over to 2 meter? I live in a townhouse community where I
can't have a home antenna, so my handhelds are my only home access to
APRS and they don't hit the nearest digi from inside the house. If
this works, I can keep a mini nub antenna on my D72 and run APRS on
60cm at low power and my mobile can be my gate into the 2 meter APRS
network. Any thoughts?

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