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Sat Mar 12 20:26:29 EST 2011

Fredric, always happy to confirm my honesty that when asked where's Tickets
in use, my standing answer is "I don't know".  Glad to hear about this.

WRT APRS performance Tickets-wise being so-so, guilty as charged:  Our
interface needs work, and Randy Love and I have an exchange going that I
expect to improve big-time on that adjective.  Stay toon'd, and come back if
you have some suggestions.


On Sat, Mar 12, 2011 at 7:07 PM, Fredric Moses <fred at moses.bz> wrote:

> Yep we used Tickets for the Detroit Free Press Marathon..  Also integrated
> it with aprs and instamapper trackers..   the tracking integration was so
> so.. but not sure if it was on our end or not..  we had APRS running on
> other screens so that wasn't too big a deal.
> I also used Tickets for our county's devils night event.  Where we have 2
> separate dispatch centers running and a coordination center running..  was
> nice to see one CAD system in all locations. as the 2 dispatch centers run
> different not networked systems..
>  --
> Fredric Moses - W8FSM
> fred at moses.bz
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