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> So, APRS folks, remember you can still help in an emergency even if you are
> far removed from it, from within some safety zone, and I encourage everyone
> to know how to place objects on the map using whatever source of information
> you can get your hands on.

Very true. We ( specificly, I ) have done this with the Detroit Free Press
Marthon for the last two years. APRS plays a big role in this marathon that
takes place in Detroit, MI and Windsor, ON, Canada. I live about 25 miles
north of the action in the northern suburbs of Metro Detroit. During the
event, I run APRS from home and inject various objects into the APRS-IS and
local RF network for items that may affect the marathon, but are garnered
from the 2 voice nets, public service, and other sources. The voice net
operator has an APRS display in front of him down at the event in the
command post, and several persons associated with the event check progress
and status via web apps. Being removed from the mayhem of the actual net
control location, I can better focus on my sources and maintain the data
flow and relevance without getting knocked about by staff and constantly
interrupted for updates.

APRS is a very valuable tools for giving the big picture and situational
awareness *IF* you have competent APRS operators and personnel that realize
it is much more than just vehicle tracking.

Randy Love
AEC - Operations
Oakland County (MI) ARPSC/RACES
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