[aprssig] 420-440 MHz (Low End of UHF Band) Under Attack Again

Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Thu Mar 10 22:33:44 EST 2011

Welcome to the world of greedy government.

Ray vk2tv

On 11/03/11 09:13, Stephen H. Smith wrote:
> Slashdot.org
> <http://yro.slashdot.org/story/11/03/10/1931248/King-Wants-To-Sell-Out-Ham-Radio> 
> ARRL Website
> <http://www.arrl.org/hr-607>
> From ARRL Site:
> HR 607
> On February 10, 2011, Rep. Peter King (R-NY), Chairman of the House 
> Homeland Security Committee, introduced H.R. 607, the “Broadband for 
> First Responders Act of 2011,” which has been referred to the House 
> Energy and Commerce Committee (which handles telecommunications 
> legislation). The bill addresses certain spectrum management issues 
> including the creation and maintenance of a nationwide Public Safety 
> broadband network.
> As part of that network, the Bill provides for the allocation of the 
> so-called “D-Block” of spectrum in the 700 MHz range for Public Safety 
> use. HR 607 uniquely, provides for the reallocation of other spectrum 
> for auction to commercial users, in order to offset the loss of 
> revenue that would occur as the result of the allocation of the 
> D-Block to Public Safety instead of commercial auction. H.R. 607 
> lists, among the bands to be reallocated for commercial auction within 
> ten years of the passage of the Bill, the paired bands 420-440 MHz and 
> 450-470 MHz.
> The inclusion of most of the Amateur 70-cm spectrum as one of the 
> replacement bands is a major problem. The 420-440 MHz band is not 
> Public Safety spectrum and should not be included in any spectrum swap 
> of Public Safety allocations.
> While the ARRL and all Amateurs support the work of Public Safety and 
> recognize their need for dedicated spectrum which would promote 
> interoperability, the ARRL vigorously opposes HR 607 in its present 
> form. HR 607 is a direct threat to our limited spectrum and the ARRL 
> encourages all amateurs to appropriately voice their opposition to 
> this bill.
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