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John Gorkos jgorkos at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 20:18:37 EST 2011

Excellent question.  The logic is now code-complete and in Alpha testing.
 I'm nailing down time-zone specific code right now for notification (i.e.
if a DK station wants notification of a zone incursion between noon and 5 pm
CET, it's a good bet he'll get irritated if his phone goes off at 10pm CET
because it's 5pm EST).
I've had one offer for help with web design and web implementation, but I'm
still waffling on using something other than Java for the user-interface.
 Part of me doesn't care, because the business logic is completely separate
from the view logic, but the other half is terrified because I don't know
Python, and the offer I got was for a Python interface.

If anyone is interested in being part of the Beta, please send me an email
the following information:
your call, the callsign (including SSID) you want to monitor, whether you're
looking for any movement or incursion or excusion from a zone, the zone you
want to monitor (right now, just give me a lat/long point and a radius
around which you want to monitor), the email address you want notification
sent to, and time periods you want notified, and finally how long between
  For example, AB0OO wants to monitor N4AC-9 for any movement betweem 9AM
and 5pm EST weekdays only, and get paged at ab0oo at arrl.net, only notify
every 30 minutes.
  Also, AB0OO wants notified whenever KD4Q-7 enters a zone that is within
1000 meters of point 34°07.65' N 84°08.11' W any day of the week between 6pm
and 10pm at, email to jgorkos at gmail.com, only one notification every 60
minutes.  No notification is sent with the station LEAVES that same zone.
I'll enter 5 or 10 test notifications by hand for the first few applicants,
with the priviso that you give me feedback as to how it's working for you.

I hope to have the web interface done within a week or so.  I'm really
hoping to do the web UI with Spring MVC and a Jetty webserver.  If you're
interested in the code, everything is hosted on the AVRS sourceforge page.

John Gorkos

On Tue, Mar 8, 2011 at 6:38 PM, Wes Johnston, AI4PX <wes at ai4px.com> wrote:

> What ever became of the project to generate a txt message when an aprs
> station moves?
> Wes
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