[aprssig] Linking digipeaters

Bill V WA7NWP wa7nwp at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 19:11:45 EST 2011

> It sure would be nice if we had a multiport KISS controller that would
> take KISS frames from multiple TNCs, perform the digipeating functions and
> spit the modified KISS frames back out the same or different ports.
> I think digined would do this, but it runs on a DOS pc.

Digi_Ned will do exactly that and runs mainly on Linux but has been
ported to Windows with AGW or DOS.

I've "almost" got it running on a NSLU2..   Silly handshaking on the
serial port was being a pain.

Digi_Ned still needs a 3rd party retransmit option and a way to time
throttle the cross band flooding but those are just "software" issues.

Bill - WA7NWP

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