[aprssig] KPC3 PLUS reset woes

Wes Johnston, AI4PX wes at ai4px.com
Tue Mar 8 14:05:52 EST 2011

Since we seem to have narrowed the delayed position problem down to igates
running kpc3 plus TNCs in KISS mode, the solution seems to be to power them
down every once in a while.  Of course Kantronics fixing the firmware would
be nice, but I'm quite certain they'd charge for it.

A cheaper solution may be to buy a digital timer.  The "roundy roundy"
timers with pegs that pop up have a minimum off time of 15 minutes.  The
digital ones have a min time of 1 minute.  The digital ones also don't loose
time during power outtages.

How's this sound....

1) if you run your kpc3 off a 110v wall wart, plug the walwart into the
timer and set it to turn on at 3am and off at 2:59am.

2) if you run your kpc3 off 12v power supply and dont want to cycle the
entire supply, then get a dual pole relay (DPDT or DPST) with a 120v coil.
Wire your 12vdc thru the normally closed contacts such that when the relay
is de-energized, there is power passing thru to your tnc.  Plug the coil
into the digital wall timer and program it to come ON for 1 minute each
night.  For example, make it come on at 3am and off at 3:01am.  When the
timer is ON, the TNC will be OFF.  Why do it this way?  If your power is out
and you are running on batteries, the relay won't inhibit the TNC from
getting power.

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