[aprssig] APRS on HF

John McHugh johnk.mchugh at bellsouth.net
Thu Mar 3 17:13:33 EST 2011

Julian, G4ILO wrote:

>What is the purpose of APRS on HF? Most of what I have read about APRS
>has said that the purpose of APRS is to provide *local* information.

Whilst APRS is used alot for "local" information I have used HF APRS 
over the years as a means to establish a kinship with some of my fellow 
hams in various parts of the US and the Caribbean basin. I've also used 
it to gather weather information from those same areas whenever a 
hurricane is in their vicinity. This as worked well with PJ6 and VP5 
lands in particular in recent years and when I first started with a 
weather network in Haiti run by HH2B. Gating from HF to VHF is  good but 
not the other way round.
The beauty of APRS is that we all use it for different purposes. It's a 
very versatile tool.

Sorry for the delay in responding but I was away on a trip with no Inet 


John Mc Hugh, K4AG
Coordinator for Amateur Radio  
National Hurricane Center, WX4NHC
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