[aprssig] Using tracking in an event

Wes Johnston, AI4PX wes at ai4px.com
Wed Mar 2 09:55:42 EST 2011

Just a quick idea guys....

put a tracker on the sweep rider and setup two profiles.  Profile 1 is set
for "as you see fit" tracking.  Profile 2 is set for rapid TX with a
different callsign.  Wire the tracker so that profile 2 is active when you
push a momentary switch.

When the sweep rider comes to a trouble spot, have him press the momentary
switch for 5 to 10 seconds.  It will leave a breadcrumb on the map with a
callsign-ssid that is not his normal one.  When he switches back to normal
tracking, the spot will remain marked.

In your favorite aprs client, grab the object and take possession of it...
change it's name.  He can leave another mark on the map later and the first
will still be there.  When he gets to a place he can radio in (perhaps next
checkpoint), he can tell you the nature of that breadcrumb.

Even better... wire a dual pole momentary switch to it.  On one leg, to the
profile switching.  On the other leg of the switch tie a peizo buzzer to the
PTT line.  He'll hear the transmitter key only when the button is pushed so
he'll know the beacon went out.  In normal operation, it won't nag him.

Byon's all in one trackers are great for this.  All in a nice small box with
no wires to come loose.

But I think Scott's trackers have a counter input and I think it'd be
possible to use a capacitor and a resistor tied to the "Tx now" pin and the
momentary switch wired directly to the counter input to make it so that you
could press the momentary switch a number of times, then hold.  This would
allow the rider to communicate a number along with the position.
1=breakdown, 2 for medical, etc.

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