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Earl Needham earl.kd5xb at gmail.com
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Several years ago, HyperTerm Personal Issue was a free download, and I have the file at home. I can forward it if you wish, but won't be home for a day or two. 

I use HyperTerm in Vista and it works fine.

Vy 7 3

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>> I think the problem is there are no points in it.
> Yes, I gave up on APRS as 'part' of FD years ago, and completely ignore
> the
> ARRL's attempts to force it into a corner.  But that does not mean I don?t
> bring it to FD!

As I interpret the rules, APRS contacts are perfectly valid for FD points,
likely as a "VHF digital" exchange, but would require the contact to be
SIMPLEX, radio to radio.

I had every intention of initiating some NTS traffic via Packet and then
operating an APRS station at our FD site this year, but found myself
sitting there with three computers, a radio, and two TNCs all available,
only to realize that I had:

1) computer with term program but no serial drivers
2) Win7 computer with serial drivers, but Hyperterm doesn't exist any more
3) Linux computer with serial drivers but no term program.

#3 did have Xastir installed, but I was so annoyed at trying to get things
to work  - and dinner was ready by then - that I didn't pursue it.

I think I needed a terminal program so I could put the Kam+ into KISS mode
for Xastir to work anyhow.. since I left the KISS OT+ at home.

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