[aprssig] Field Day sites!

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jun 22 16:48:57 EDT 2011

> ...kind of format could be used for the FD object...
> or is there another way? I see some say to put the 
> FD-<call> in the MYCALL field...and then put talk-in,
> other info in the BTEXT field?

By the way.  If you are going to have a talk-in freq, then be sure to make
it the FIRST 10 bytes of the object comment text in the exact format of
"FFF.FFFMHz "  Then any new APRS radio can auto-tune with a simple press of
the QSY or TUNE button (Yaesu or Kwd).

And the object name does not need to be the FD call if no one will recognize
it.   For our three sites, I used the club names:  FD-AARC, FD-MMARC, and

THgough I am sure there will be LOTS of global pingponiing of those generic
named objects because there are lots of clubs probably named AARC...  But on
local RF, where they count, they will still show up.

Bob, Wb4APR

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