[aprssig] Breaking News: Report to FCC says Lightsquared System and GPS CAN'T Co-exist!

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 20 20:48:19 EDT 2011

  The GPS community has *always said* the MSS spectrum is the worst place to do this. (high power transmitters on the ground in the satellite transmit band)
  A prime example of why it was a bad decision to allow the FCC to sell spectrum...in light of the fact that the FCC is technically clueless.    
  Since the FCC granted the waiver, perhaps this is a ploy to be able to blame the FCC for the failure of this flawed plan. 
  LightSquared is not giving up completely.  They bought too much spectrum (for too much $$) to give up.  Now, they think it is ok to interfere only with "a limited number of high precision GPS receivers"


"Under the new plan, only a "limited number of high precision GPS receivers that are specifically designed to rely on LightSquared's spectrum" will be affected by interference, the company said. ...

"This latest gambit by LightSquared borders on the bizarre," Jim Kirkland... a founding member of SaveOurGPS.org, said in a statement. "Last week LightSquared ... purportedly needed two more weeks to analyze the results. Days later, well before the report is scheduled to be filed, LightSquared unilaterally announces that it has found a 'solution.'  ... 

"LightSquared's supposed solution is nothing but a 'Hail Mary' move," Kirkland added. "Confining its operation to the lower MSS band still interferes with many critical GPS receivers in addition to the precision receivers that even LightSquared concedes will be affected. The government results submitted to date already prove this, and the study group report will also confirm this. It is time for LightSquared to move out of the MSS band." 

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--- Rich Osman wrote that:
> > Stephen H. Smith wrote:
> > *Reportedly, the GPS community now is saying that the FCC should move
> > LightSquared to different spectrum as there is no viable technical fix.* 

And added ...

> Which is what I expect was LS's endgame all along.
> Rich Osman; 

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