[aprssig] Error checking within APRS packets

Andre v Schaijk aprs at pe1rdw.demon.nl
Sun Jun 19 05:48:32 EDT 2011

Op 19-6-2011 10:08, Max Harper schreef:
> What type of error checking does APRS have to prevent corrupt data?
> There is an Igate in my area that changes the callsign of some of the 
> packets that it gates. The Igate is KG4NVN-13 and I notified him a few 
> days ago about it via email and was told that he would take it off 
> line to check it out. I don't know if anything has been done to try 
> and fix it, but it's still changing the call sign of some of the 
> Igated packets. He is running UI-View and a D-700.
> Of the packets that I have looked at, it always seems to be just the 
> call sign that has letters changed, the rest of the packet looked OK.
> Thanks Max KG4PID
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unless passall is turned on and run in command mode corrupted packets 
should be rejected on reception, normaly ui-view runs in kiss if you 
select D700 so it takes extra effort to have passall turned on.

73 Andre PE1RDW
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