[aprssig] FW: NASA Ames Phonesat Balloon Launch

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jun 9 14:23:23 EDT 2011

Balloon is up!
But their main interest is their UHF packet downlink on 437.092

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Subject: [aprssig] FW: NASA Ames Phonesat Balloon Launch

APRS Balloon launch today from California Bay area!

> On Thursday 9 June we will be doing a high-altitude balloon
> launch of our prototype Phonesat spacecraft.... It will have
> a separate APRS VHF beacon, but what we're really interested
> is collecting the data from the satellite's UHF beacon.
> It would be great if people can ...send us back any data
> to to mikesafyan at gmail.com

PhoneSat Details:
- Frequency: 437.092MHz AX.25 AFSK
- PhoneSat Callsign(s): KJ6KKZ (primary), K5RDY (temporarily during a
- Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/NASA_Phonesat, follow us for live updates!

Balloon/APRS Details:
- Launch Time: 10-10:30AM (PDT?) (follow twitter for updates)
- Launch Location: Valverde Park (outside of Manteca)
- APRS tracking: Callsign KF7ODR-1

Predicted Path:

Also, here is an article on their previous flight:

The PhoneSat team

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