[aprssig] Physics and generators and backfeeding and solar...

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 8 16:04:09 EDT 2011

But not APRS...
---- DALE wrote, in part:
> > > I have never hear of a lineman killed because some one plugged in a home generator.      Dale

  I wonder *where* one listens in order to hear of such tings...?  Not the major media, for sure...

---- From: Patrick Wood , in part:
> > Think of the physics here..  They will explain why you have not.  p
------- Perry Chamberlain wrote, in part:
> ... I'm not sure what branch of physics makes this impossible, 

  I'm curious what was meant too...

  As pointed out already, transformers are not directional and work equally well in both directions.  The terms 'primary'' and secondary' are completely interchangeable and use dependent.  Just *ask* any lineman you see.

> ...residual charges in transformers as the field colappses, (hysterosis), it sends a dandy high voltage surge down the line, grounded or not.

  Well, it is not hysteresis. Also, transformers do not have what can be called "residual charges".  When the utility, or a homeowner, puts AC on their respective side, the transformer's field is collapsing 120 times a second (in N.A.) and that's what makes transformers function - AC.
  Hopefully, grounding (actually shorting) the line, blows the home owners safety breaker (or generator) and de-powers the line so it can be fixed, but if Herbert Homeowner resets it, Mr. Lineman is again in danger as he works.

> Back feeding utility transformers is a major ongoing concern of utility companies, and its not going away any time soon.

  A friend in N.E. Illinois has a 14kW unit that is needed quirte a few times per year and is well aware, but was told the same by a lineman who had to adjust his voltage (due to a faulty auto-adjusting transformer).

By The Way, guys...
  I have been deleting lots of this thread and am not offended, but I think this is WELL  O.T.  If you want to discuss your understanding of electrical fundamentals, please do it off-line.  (:-)
73, Steve, K9DCI 

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