[aprssig] Tracking US Air 1549 to NC

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jun 7 21:49:57 EDT 2011

I just updated the position of the US Air flight 1549 headed to NC museum at about 10 MPH down I-79 in WV.

This is the flight that survived the landing in the Hudson river.  It is crawling on a very long 120 foot trailer.

It started in NJ on the 4th.  If anyone passes it on the highway, this is a GREAT time to test your skills at updating the position using APRS.  I made the name of the object be US1549 so that it fits in a 6 character call.  This way mobiles or HT's that pass it, can quickly change their MYCALL to US1549 and change their SYMBOL to the aircraft Wreck symbol (\') that is an "alternate apostrophe".  Transmit it a few times until digipeated, and then CHANGE BACK TO YOURCALL!

Actually, I initially put an object Flght1549 on the map at its last known position near Fairmont WV at 2130z on the 7th, before I thought about shortening it to 6 letters so it can be updated by mobiles.

EVERY APRS mobile should be able to use his radio to report an OBJECT postion.  This is good practice!  If you dont know how, see: http://aprs.org/D7xx/d700-faq.txt about 60% down the page talking about Traffic Objects.


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