[aprssig] The 30m Band Utilization Chart -- 6 June 2011 update

Ian Wade G3NRW g3nrw at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jun 6 02:09:28 EDT 2011

Since posting the first public version of the 30m Band Utilization 
Chart, I have received many emails, several of which provided yet more 
input for the chart. The updated version is now available at:


Summarising the additions and changes:
*  Added CW SOTA at 10.118
*  Added beacon at 10.125
*  Added QRSS at 10.139 dial, and narrowed QRSS to 10.1400-10.1401
*  Added Olivia at 10.1385 dial
*  Changed Olivia500 to Olivia125/250/500 throughout
*  Removed SkipNet at 10.141 dial
*  Added IARU Region I beacon DK0WCY at 10.144
*  Added Olivia to the multi-mode box at 10.142-10.145
*  Added NET30 at 10.145 dial
*  Added SkipNet at 10.14669 dial
*  Added SSB VK 10.140-10.150
*  Added legend indicating dial frequencies are USB unless otherwise 

It seems that 10.140-10.150 is busier than ever!

Thanks again to everyone who emailed.

Ian, G3NRW

The 30m Band Utilization Chart:

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