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Hi Perry, 

I suppose I am one of those "anti CFL LUDDITES." I have had problems with CFL when used in the "down vertical position."  I think that if you research the problem, you will come to the same conclusion. 

I can understand why you are so pleased with solar power, if there is not enough sun light in the high desert area then there in not enough sun light any where. 

73, Max KI6NJ 

PS It will be interesting to see how Germany handles their anti nuclear problem. 

----- Subject: [aprssig] So much misinformation about solar grid tie. 

I am amazed at the lack of knowledge about grid tie solar and generator transfer switches. 
When installed proplerly, the generator cannot see(be connected to the grid) ever,  when properly  installed to a transfer switch, fact. 
U.L. modern grid tie solar invertors cannot back feed the grid. 
They have grid power sensing circuitry to prevent Islanding ( that is  the phrase used in the business to describe what happens when an unapproved invertor does, when it back feeds the grid, when the power drops out.) 
The transformer on the pole works just fine in both directions, high voltage to low, and back feeding low voltage to high. 
So your invertor would indeed feed thousands of volts from the high side of the transformer, if it did not have the anti islanding circuitry. 
You cannot buy a UL approved grid tie invertor in the USA, WITH OUT THIS SAFTEY FEATURE. 
I have lived on  wind, and solar with battery back up for  more then Fifteen years, and after the initail phase of the learning curve, solar covers all of my needs, powering all of the normal appliances most have, including my well pump, and house pressure tank system pump. 
I have microwaves, big screen tv, water dryer (gas), a repeater site, and a full size Koi pond with pump. 
I have a 15,000 watt propane generator tied into the invertor for auto start, for times when weather, mechanical problems require non solar power. 

I have not had any of the problems mentioned regarding CFL's, because I buy high quality CFL's. 
The main issue, which will pass with time, is what seems to be peoples ingrained and totally unexplainable disregard for solar and wind power. 
I can spot the ones who are following  the "dead end,  uninformed, but still limping along political mindset" propagated by politicians and the earth destoying  dirty power industry whores ( COAL, OIL, NATURAL GAS) flaying to hold on to dead, and deadly technology, and energy. 
The good news is that most Are old, aging luddites, who will in the next ten to fiftenn years will  be dead and gone. 
I am presently a DSA inspector on just one of the dozens of  multi megawatt pv solar projects here in california, being installed with private industry funding, on what will eventually be all public schools ans eventually government buildings, here. 
Even the large car dealerships here are installing multi meg- watt solar systems, to eliminate their power needs. 
After this year, every school district in the high desert area,  in southern california,  will have complete dependance on solar grid tie systems, freeing them from grid power bills. 
My present project is  a grid tie solar  PV array over 9 megawatts. 
So for all those happless anti-solar, anti wind, anti CFL LUDDITES, your days are thankfully comming to an end. 
Go ahead and run out and buy your  horde of power sucking incandescents, and cut the low flush basket out of your toilets, and keep buying your gas guzzing dead technology vehicles. 
We who are moving forward with the new, inovative energy and transport  technologies,  appreciate you paying the high power and gas bills, and funding the dying industries, so we can move on, and save money, and our planet. 

And thats a fact...... 





Perry Chamberlain 

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