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Again, the grid tie inverters will NOT RUN when they lose grid power.  As 
said many times.



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I sense there is some confused thinking here.  When I installed my automatic
generator backup system I immediately talked to the foreman of the
maintenance crew that serves my area.   I told him that while I had a proper
transfer switch (to disconnect me from the "grid" when my generator operates
since there is an obvious chance for me to power the utility lines while
they might be serviced--a very serious safety and legal issue) I still felt
that there was always a chance that I might accidentally attempt to supply
power to their lines.   They told me to not worry, they were always very
careful and that if work was being done the line would be securely grounded.
My generator would see an effective short circuit.   And there is also law
that says you cannot simply power the grid.   If you want to be paid for the
power you generate then an "approved system" would have to be used.

In the case being discussed here you will have to consider what happens to
the connection to the grid in the event of a power interruption.   I am
forced to assume that the "plug in grid tie inverters" you are talking about
will automatically shut down.   Thus you are not talking about a situation
that would provide emergency power unless, as has been proposed in some
notes in this thread, you have created an independent battery-based system.

I think it's unfair to leave someone who knows little about this topic, with
the impression that "there's nothing to it!"  There are complex issues and
considerable expense associated with a system of sufficient capacity to do
"real work" like start a compressor or a well pump.


Lee  K9WRU
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>>> ...With these small plug-in grid-tie inverters
>>> in the 250 Watt class, now it is possible to run our shack:
>> Do you have a reference for these plug-in grid-tie
>> inverters?  I can not possibly see how these would
>> be legal but I want to see the manufacturer's
>> website if they exist.

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