[aprssig] has anyone built/modified a USB to TTL level converter??

John Hansen john at coastalchip.com
Thu Jun 2 11:12:40 EDT 2011

Actually most of those USB to RS232 device are really USB to TTL and then
TTL to RS232, so what you really need is half of one of them.  The chip in
most of them is the venerable FT232RL from FTDI, which is actually a USB to
TTL chip.  If you are willing to design a circuit board for it and solder a
very fine pitch IC on it, you can do this very cheaply.  If you are looking
for more of a "one off" design and don't want to do surface mount soldering,
there are several modules that will do this for you.  One of them is here:


John W2FS

On Thu, Jun 2, 2011 at 10:58 AM, Bob <k8ys at fuse.net> wrote:

> I need TTL.
> I have RS232
> I have USB
> I do not have a RS232 port. Rules out the standard USB to RS232 dongle.
> I think that I want to take an old cell phone to computer interface that
> has
> a USB to RS232 level converter. It is a common chip, and I have the
> drivers.
> I want to take the RS232 from the cell phone cable and feed it to a MAX233
> to get TTL in/out.
> Then use the TTL to talk to the IC706m2g to control the radio.
> Without reinventing the wheel, is there a "better way"?
> Bob K8YS
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