[aprssig] Nuvi 350 - D710 error message

Sam Guccione gucci1 at mchsi.com
Thu Jun 2 01:48:15 EDT 2011

Thank you for the information Stephen. It added to my information base. Sam

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On 6/1/2011 10:05 AM, Sam Guccione wrote:
> Keith, I would try connecting the GTRANS cable to a usb port but none 
> of my four computers has a miniusb port not do I have a mini to 
> regular usb interface connector. I will look for one. Sam
  You will never find a PC with a mini-USB connector on it's back panel.

USB is a master-slave (a.k.a. "client/server") protocol.  Unlike classic
serial ports, the two ends of a USB connection are not equal.

USB cables always have different connectors on the two ends to prevent users
from accidentally trying to connect two masters together or two slaves 
together.    The master connector on the computer end is always the wide
so-called "A" connector.     The cable end facing the client is the 
square-with-beveled-corners "B" connector.  Or in newer small-box gadgets
like cell phones, digicams and GPS units, the 5-contact "mini-B" connector,
or the even smaller 4-contact "micro-B" connector is used.  Any cable to
attach these devices to their computer master or host will always have the
large flat "A" 
connector on the other end.

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