[aprssig] APRS for visiting operators

Andy Cunningham andyc at cunningham.me.uk
Sat Jul 23 13:58:02 EDT 2011

Hi there... I'm going to be visiting the US shortly, and was planning to
bring my VX-8R along.

If I want to use APRS locally I understand that I need to change my APRS
frequency from the European setting of 144.800 to the US setting of
144.390MHz, and make sure my path is appropriate for the US conventions.

I assume, however, that the APRS SSID remains as M0HAK-7 (I think it's -7)
but should I including the visiting callsign of W1/M0HAK in the beacon
status text for full identification, or does the fact that I'm transmitting
a GPS location provide sufficient location as for this not to be an issue.

While beyond the scope of this list, any suggestions off-list of sociable
repeaters in Eastern Massachussets would be appreciated.

73 all

Andy Cunningham
andyc at cunningham.me.uk
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