[aprssig] status text on kenwood aprs-capable radios

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Jul 17 17:54:24 EDT 2011

I don’t follow.

In the D710 and D72 and FTM-350, the frequency that you have selected on the
VOICE band is automatically inserted into your status text.  This way,
others on APRS can instantly see what frequency you are on by looking at
your status text which is automatically updated.

The only caveat is that in the D710, only STATUS 5 will do this.  SO status
5 is the only one I ever use!


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I was configuring several status text lines in my TH-D7A and TM-D710 radios,
and thought it would be a good future feature to associate a particular
status text to one or more programmed frequencies in the radio.

For example, on my drive to work I pass through the coverage area for two
different repeaters. One repeater has an IRLP node #3300, and the other has
an Echolink node #99946. I have the two freqs already programmed into the

I have several status text messages, one with QSY information, one a generic
>HOWDY FROM DAVE, one says >On Echolink 99946 and another >On IRLP 3300.

I would like to see a feature added that when I QSY to the IRLP node
frequency in programmed memory, it then automatically selects status text #x
and includes that information. This way, as I drive through town and switch
frequencies, the status text gets updated automatically, rather than me
having to fumble through the menu items to reselect the desired status text.

It seems like this could be done w/o too much effort. Perhaps just a mod to
the MCP software to make this happen???

Would it be useful to others?

Dave K7GPS

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