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Mon Jul 11 09:36:51 EDT 2011

Hi Alex,

Thanks again for Cron info ... I'm quite used to cron  on Unix but "3rd Mon"
type things still need to be parsed so a lot of scripting is required.  I'm
really using the "netSked" thing as a learning oppertunity and wish to write
a daemon so I can learn a bit more about process control etc.

I'm also keen to stick to Bobs suggested file format, it is human readable
but more than anything it is a nice problem for a very amateur programmer to
solve ... as this is a self teaching project I don't mind taking the long
road to a short cut ;-)

At this stage I just need the few original questions answered so I know any
packets that reach air are correctly formatted and absolutely within spec.

Cheers & 73,

On 10 July 2011 01:14, Alex Carver <kf4lvz at yahoo.com> wrote:

> >
> > Hi Alex,
> >
> > Thanks for the reply,
> >
> > I think you may have misinderstood, the netSked spec says
> > "FOr example
> > "3/30" indicates it will be transmitted every 3 minutes for
> > 30 minutes. " so
> > it does give transmit interval as well as a duration - I
> > just wanted to
> > check if the duration applies to the beacon start time or
> > the actual net
> > start time.  The file at http://www.aprs.org/info/netsked.txt was
> written in
> > 2008 so I also wanted to check I am looking at the most
> > uptodate spec.
> You're right, I read it very quickly and missed a few words.
> > My comment regarding "Weekday", "Weekend" and "Daily"
> > keywords was a only
> > suggestion to extend Bobs suggested file format - many Nets
> > run daily on
> > weekdays or on weekend days only rather than once a week or
> > every second
> > week.
> I understand I just think that file format isn't really suitable which is
> why I'm suggesting something else entirely.  Dropping some of the fields
> from that file and leaving them in the cron file would work better.
> > Thanks info re Cron.  I'd prefer to write as a daemon
> > (initially in PHP as
> > it's all I'm comfortable with and then try porting to C or
> > even java) so it
> > would be more platform independent.
> Cron is platform independent.  There are crons for Windows, Mac, Linux and
> nearly everything else.  The cron file format is consistent across them all.
>  The script that gets called from cron is the only platform dependent thing
> but cron iteslf is independent.
> C is most certainly not platform independent because libraries are
> different on each platform.  The only way it becomes platform independent is
> to use a shim on the non-POSIX platforms that extends POSIX compliant
> libraries and then code only in POSIX compliant format.  For example, I have
> some C code I wrote that I can compile on Linux and also on Windows assuming
> that is is compiled using Cygwin.  If not, I can't compile for Windows.
> PHP is only platform independent assuming you have a compiled version of
> PHP for that platform.  Even then, it's not truly independent because some
> things such as file paths and dates are not quite the same.  Java has a
> similar problem (not to mention being horribly bloated).
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