[aprssig] Golden Packet Attemt in 2 weeks!

Robert Kirk isobar at verizon.net
Fri Jul 8 18:16:14 EDT 2011

You might like these to cheer you up


or, on the other hand



Save your Confederate money, the South will rise again....Bob

At 05:01 PM 7/8/2011, Chris Cannon-Droid wrote:
>That post, Suh, was uncalled for.  ;P
>Chris, KB5YRZ
>Robert Kirk <isobar at verizon.net> wrote:
> >At 10:34 AM 7/8/2011, Bob Bruninga wrote:
> >If you started just one hop south of Springer, at Kennesaw Mountain, you
> >could send the historic Golden APRS Packet, "Hold the fort,  I am coming -
> >W T Sherman" all the way up the Appalachians, just like in 1864.
> >
> >Bob
> >N3OZB

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