[aprssig] Desperately Seeking APRS Client that ...

Arnie Shore shoreas at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 08:54:45 EDT 2011

Well, less than desperately, but I'm certainly interested in hearing about
any client that can invoke a user-specified URL with position data in the
url string.

"User-specified" is the important part here, as a revisable user-set value,
cuz that's the mechanism by which the position data gets to the Tickets
server, via an HTTP GET.

Motivation:  some of you are familiar with Tickets, our CAD package. While
Tickets currently retrieves position data from aprs.fi (thanks heaps!) for
those remotes the site admin wants to follow - which works - I'd like very
much to reduce the latency/overhead in that approach.

Fundamental questions like platform, etc. remain open, at this writing, of
course, but I hope the above will start an exchange here.
Thanks, all
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