[aprssig] APRS mobile HF CQ

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jan 27 18:13:06 EST 2011

>>> I think it would be fun to pass through a town,
>>> send a 40 meter frequency into IS with a phone,
>>> and have someone call me on 40m.

>> Anyone can do this, even on the APRS-IS.  
>> Just send an APRS message:
>> Msg: CQ CQ Lee, 7.285 MHz mobile!
>> Your message will go to EVERY person on the planet 
>> on RF and IS who has similarly sent in a CQ CQ 
>> message that day.

> All two of them........

Beats "none" most of the time that I see people calling CQ on HF.  You gotta
keep calling for someone to hear ya...

>> ... everyone that is mobile HF should make it a
>> matter of routine to send out a CQSRVR
>> CQ CQ message everytime they get in the car!

> Then they are supposed to cancel it every time 
> they get out of the car for lunch, gas, or at at 
> a shopping center, and then re-enable it when 
> they get back in the car???

My experience with HF mobile is that it is more typically used by travelers
on long trips when they have the time to tune around, call CQ or make
contacts, or whatever.  It wouldn't make any sense to send CQ if one was not
going to be there a while...  OH,... I see your point.  Yes, I should have
said "everytime you will be operating HF mobile"...

And of course, it would make sense to include some time limit, if it is not
going to be a long period.

Again, CQSRVR is instantaneous.  If the others are not listening, at the
instant, then it is like any other CQ, it doesn't exist.  SO there is no
"lingering" CQ just hanging there.

Bob, Wb4APR

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