[aprssig] Thd72a power

Leonard Revelle n9ij at comcast.net
Sun Jan 16 10:20:02 EST 2011

Not unusual these days. I quickly found that, if I failed to power down during charge cycle, the radio fails sometime during the day. Though I may not deliberately  transmit, the radio will send position packets every 30-min. (if it sees GPS sats) so it will transmit at least 24 times during my normal time with it on a charger. Given normal charge time using 12V. I suspect the internal charge rate is held well below the 1C standard for Lithium batteries given the several hours that charge method takes. 

> The D7 has a rather anemic (60mA?) wall wart - it can't even charge
> the battery if the receiver+TNC are on.
> Maybe the D72 has this same "feature"?
> -Jason
> kg4wsv
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