[aprssig] AVRS Online

Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) ldeffenb at homeside.to
Sat Jan 15 15:21:46 EST 2011

John Gorkos wrote:
> Since the "?" is a directed message, the spec calls for AVRS to ACK the 
> original query message, and for the querying station to ACK the response from 
> AVRS.  AVRS is pretty stupid about ACKS right now.  It sends a message with an 
> integer 3 digit message ID, and listens for 10 seconds for your ACK.  If it 
> doesn't hear an ACK, it sends the message again, two more times, with 10 
> second intervals.  It will never send more than three messages.

I don't believe directed messages MUST be sequenced (ack requested).  
And the conditions of the message sent TO AVRS doesn't drive any 
particular requirements on what AVRS will put into the message it sends 
in return.  I just tested it again and my "?" was answered even though 
it was sent without asking for an ack.  This is as I would have expected 
it to be so no additional discussion is necessary from my point of view.

> I think my last answer to Lynn might have answered this, also, for Echolink I 
> only use -R (repeater) nodes.  For IRLP, all IDLE nodes are valid.

Any particular reason for not using -L nodes?  In my location, all of 
the -R EchoLinks are 440 and the sole 2m is a -L link.  However, that 
link is just as good as a repeater (IMHO) as the owner keeps it open and 
supports up to 10 concurrent connections.  He's also an IRLP node, so I 
have the best of both networks available in my local area on 2m, but 
you're currently skipping over the EchoLink capability.

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