[aprssig] SSTV module

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Wed Jan 12 19:19:22 EST 2011

This is semi-OT, but this gadget might find some use for APRN.  We're 
currently taking pre-orders for our new SSTVCAM module, which is 
basically a self-contained SSTV camera that sends Scottie 1 and 2 and 
Robot 36 and 72 images.  We should be shipping them next week.

The bad news is that the camera module was discontinued just as I got it 
working, so we've only got a couple dozen to sell.  There are some more 
of the cameras available from other sources, too, but once they're gone 
we won't be able to build any more of these, and the design is very 
specific to this camera module.

Because of the low volume I'm holding off on adding APRS features for 
now, but I can add that in if there's sufficient interest.  The module 
has a serial input, but right now it's only used for the character 

Details are here:


You can buy one here:




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