[aprssig] APRS+SA 2.27 vs Findu VX8 packet

Mark Earle wa2mct at mearle.com
Sun Jan 2 10:27:38 EST 2011

What seems to happen, is APRS+SA 2.27 will show packets from a VX-8 
handheld in the TCP tab.

There is  a one character difference, comparing the packet on the TCP 
tab, vs raw packet of findu:

This is from the TCP tab

This is from findu. Note the extra |

20110102 about 9:00a central

<-- tcp tab
<-- findu

We tried -1 "just because", same result as you can see. It's the  2nd 
character of the compressed packet that is different. I've copied 
several more, and the | is always in the 2nd position on findu   but not 
in the tcp tab of aprs+sa.

Any ideas... ?

[While the packets are in the tcp tab, they do not show on the map, nor 
any other tabs within aprs+sa. ]

This is an early VX-8 4 rf band HT, using the Yaesu hand-mic with GPS

This same difference occurs when KC5EVE is being gated by other stations 
(he drove across NM yesterday and in to central TX), so it would not 
seem to be any particular iGate.

Anyone know if Brent monitors this sig.. or an email for him? Some quick 
searching did not turn up a recent one.


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