[aprssig] D710 has no APRS data, displays "TNC ERROR"

Jason KG4WSV kg4wsv at gmail.com
Sat Jan 1 18:55:57 EST 2011

hi all,

My RC-D710/V71A rig has stopped parsing APRS packets.  I got "TNC
ERROR", went through partial and full resets, no help.

I upgraded firmware to 2.03, still get no APRS functionality.  I get
TNC data when in TNC mode for a few packets, then it stops.  I've
gotten "TNC ERROR" occasionally, too.

So far I have:

re-flashed radio (was up to date) and did a full reset.
re-flashed head (I think it was at 2.00, flashed it to 2.03) and did a
full reset.
re-flashed TNC (was up to date) and did a full reset.

didn't help.

went back, re-flashed everything again so that the order was
radio/head/TNC (since an old post seems to indicate order matters).

didn't help.

Took the battery out for ~3 hours. Re-assembled. Did a full reset. Set
the call/date/time before turning on the TNC.

didn't immediately lock up, but ran for several minutes without
decoding a packet.  Then it went to TNC ERROR.

did a partial reset. decoded about 7 or 8 packets (3 stations in the
list), then stopped decoding.

turned the TNC off, it sat there a while, then started decoding.
Decoded for a little while (17 stations in the list), then quit
decoding again.  turn TNC off, then back on, then reported TNC ERROR
after hearing (but not decoding) a few packets.

Any more suggestions before I try Kenwood's warranty service for the first time?


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