[aprssig] computer power supply question

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Hey Chris, THANKS!
Rick - yes, but... it is NOT an ATX supply. Which is why I could not find
the answer on Google.

Chris, I have no idea what the color code is for this supply, it has the
"standard" yellow, red, black for my +5. +12 and GND.
Since there is a green wire, I grounded that, and it came alive.

I have a older Neveo monitor that requires 12v/3A and I have lost my supply
in the big move, so as a temp solution, I am looking for the cheap way out.
Short of placing a 12V 4AH battery and charger on that monitor (I have a
bunch of them too), the computer supply is the quick, cheap, and semi-easy

73, Bob K8YS.

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Hi Bob,

Connect green to black to power it up.

Early ones may need a 10 ohm 10W resistor between red and black to help
the voltage sensing, if it's a later model also connect orange to brown
for the 3.3V voltage sensing.

They make a good bench power supply. I've converted loads already!


Chris, G4HYG

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On 31/12/10 21:44, K8YS wrote:
> Hey guys...
> I need a cheap 12vDC supply to power a computer monitor. I have a 120W PC
> power supply that was removed from an HP piece of garbage.
> Does anyone know what pair/pairs need to be shorted to turn the power
> ON?
> "Shorted" may be wrong, what pair do I need to place a load to have the
> supply sense that it needs to turn ON?
> TNX, Bob K8YS
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