[aprssig] NJ hurts

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Feb 26 10:51:13 EST 2011

Nothing personal to the fine folks in NJ, but I just drove the full length of the state on the NJ turnpike and NOT ONE SINGLE RECOMMENDED VOICE REPEATER OBJECT ever showed up.

I was scanning all freqs, and could find a few QSO's, but my rig does not have a CTCSS scan mode, and so for 3 hours, I had zero ham radio connectivity.

This is NOT what ham radio mobile is about.  On the other hand, I passed in range of a dozen APRS digis.  and NOT ONE OF THEM was configured to the post-2004 APRS convention with a FREQUENCY object with the suggested FREQ and TONE for travelers IN ITS FOOTPRINT.

What can we do.  Is ANYONE LISTENING?

NJ was one of the early adopters of APRS, and there is a penalty to pay for being an early adopter.  That is, the usual ham radio resistance to change.  Since APRS was established in NJ 18 years ago, it appears that some things have just not kept up with the evolution of APRS.

I'll check the list of STATE APRS Coordinators and see if we can find someone.  ANd it is NOT JUST NJ!

I passed through NY CIty and into CT, and still NOT ONE SINGLE FREQ OBJECT.  ANd in NY, not only do you need to know the PL, but also the SHIFT/SPLIT becuase there are all kinds of oddball repeaters there.

Caveat, my radio may have missed a few.  WIth these objects only every 10 minutes, one usually has a 50/50 chance of hearing one without collilsion while in range...

But NONE for an entire state?  Encompasing some of the highest density of ham radio operators in the country?

To see HOW to set up APRS for this local info, please see:


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