[aprssig] Wedjet update - WANTED: Web designer

John Gorkos jgorkos at gmail.com
Thu Feb 24 10:46:47 EST 2011

Well, contrary to 60 lines of Perl, I just committed about 2000 lines of Java 
to the AVRS sourceforge page.  This is an EXTREMELY alpha version of Wedjet, 
the "send me a message when a station moves" application.

all of the DB schemas and interconnects.  there are 6 postgres tables with 
numerous foreign keys that allow things like this:
  Adam wants to get an email message every time AB0OO-9 moves, but only 
between 9am and 6 pm local (to Adam's timezone), and only one message every 30 
  Adam also wants a SMS message (sent via email interface) everytime AB0OO-3 
moves, but only on Saturday and Sunday between noon and 9pm (Adam likes to 
sleep late on the weekends)

Each user can have multiple stations he "monitors", and each monitored station 
can have multiple notification rules, with differernt reset times and 
notification windows.  Each user can have multiple notification addresses (right 
now, only email) that receive messages when an event occurs.  There are short-
form messages (suitable for SMS/phones) and long-form messages (suitable for 
regular email).  The notification mechanism is extensible, so we can add in 
things like facebook page updates, etc.

Almost working:
The schema is also in place to allow arbitrarily complex polygons, and 
point/radius zones.  The polygons will be uploadable via shapefiles or KMZ files 
(that's version 2.0).   Rules for both incursion into and excursion from a 
zone/polygon are available.  This way, you can get a text message when Adam, 
Jr. enters the "HIGH SCHOOL" zone between 7am and 8am Monday-Friday, and a 
different text message when he exits "HIGH SCHOOL" zone between 3pm and 4pm 
Monday-Friday, and yet another when he enters "HOME" zone between 3:15 and 
4:15 PM Monday-Friday.
The logic to do incursion and excursion from a point/radius zone is another 
3-5 days away, complex polys probably 10 days.

Now, for the help-wanted section:  I need a web designer to put a slick 
interface on this.  Someone that can use style sheets, javascript for data 
validation, who can help me create a smooth workflow through the site (ie. you 
need to register as a user, create notification addresses, create zones of 
interest, the create monitored "targets" and wire together the time windows 
and type of notification every time that target does something that interests 
you.  The ability to do simple JSP pages would be a huge win.  I'd like to use 
Jetty as the web container, but if it needs something heavier (i.e. Tomcat or 
Glassfish) we can go there, too.

Contact me off-list, please.

If I can't find a web designer, I'll still plow forward, but it will take 
longer and be coyote ugly for a long time.  In other words, it will look like 
the typical ham's web page, with flashing banners, large chunks of black-on-
white text, several misspellings in obvious places, and have no graphics to 
speak of.  :)

John Gorkos

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