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Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Feb 20 13:32:31 EST 2011

> that APRS is intended for giving information 
> about the local situation... [but] you don't
> get any *local* information on HF.

In that case an interpretation of the word local means a community of interest on the same simplex frquency.  The beauty of Ham radio is that sometimes we can all be in our shacks, doing our own things but be miles, if not hundreds of miles apart but still mainitaining continuity of local thought on simplex.

Something like that.  In the early days (1983) it took a channel on HF just to find enough people to play aprs... when there was no one around locally on VHF...

Then it got crowded, then the internet replaced it, and now it is probably back to a small community of like minded tinkerer's on HF just exploring it for playing HF.
I donno for sure, because I still dont have my HF system fully up again.


>I have listened on the Net14 frequency a  couple of times but without
>any mobile traffic I didn't find it very interesting as there wasn't
>much going on. Once you have sent a greetings message to the other
>people who are on what else is there to do? There are other ways to
>have such QSO's on HF. I do use APRS messaging a lot on VHF but that
>is because I know other local APRS users on VHF so we often have
>things to say to one another and in our mountainous area we often
>can't talk direct.
>In response to Stephen's comment about RX-only gateways breaking
>messaging that's true but when considering HF I don't think there are
>many occasions when someone wants to message someone they don't know
>1,000 miles away. Most of the messages I have seen have been direct
>"hello" messages between gateway operators or APRS queries. If someone
>is driving through an area beaconing on HF the people on VHF APRS in
>the area probably don't even know he is there, and he won't be
>receiving any local information over the HF channel (though thanks to
>the French cross-band gateways he may be receiving information about
>things hundreds of miles away.)
>So I'm still struggling to see what the point of HF APRS is other than
>allowing people out of range of VHF digis and gateways to get their
>position reports into aprs.fi.
>Julian, G4ILO
>G4ILO's Shack: www.g4ilo.com
>On 20 February 2011 12:46, G0JXN Jim <g0jxn.jim at ntlworld.com> wrote:
>> Hi Guys
>> Julian, there is this misconception that APRS is only suitable to use for
>> "Position Reporting". Net14 has been setup with the objective of
>> establishing a World Wide APRS Net for the purpose of communication by the
>> exchange of messages using APRS. The indication of a station's location is
>> used only to indicate that the station is QRV. Considerations of tracking
>> and propagation are secondary.
>> If you have not already done so I would suggest that you go to
>> www.net14.org.uk and read through the Net14 Setup Section which explains the
>> objective and methods to be use to achieve the objective.
>> On a personal note I see that you are not a member of the Yahoo Net14_APRS
>> Group. If you or anyone else is interested in joining our Group there is a
>> link on the above website Welcome page.
>> 73
>> Jim, G0JXN/MB7UXN
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