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Here in Australia, HF APRS or the ISS is the only way to get out, besides 
commercial sattellite

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> What is the purpose of APRS on HF? Most of what I have read about APRS
> has said that the purpose of APRS is to provide *local* information.
> In another thread someone has said that if you can't reliably reach
> someone more than two hops away use packet, which implies that APRS
> isn't meant for long distance messaging either.
> Due to the propagation characteristics of HF, what you receive on HF
> is anything but local. Here in Europe we have stations in the south of
> France gating from VHF to HF. From them I receive information about
> French VHF/UHF repeaters or French ham radio club meetings which is of
> no use to me.
> Having run a 30m IGate (G4ILO-1) for several months now I have often
> been the station that gates European HF mobiles to APRS-IS. I
> understand that in areas where there is little VHF coverage (which
> includes much of the UK) a mobile has a better chance of being gated
> if they use HF, even though they will be gated by someone 1,000 miles
> away. So is that the only real purpose of APRS on HF, to gate HF
> mobiles? And if so, why do HF IGates need to transmit?
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