[aprssig] Hop progression

Pentti Gronlund pentti.gronlund at tut.fi
Sat Feb 19 14:25:34 EST 2011

Jason KG4WSV writes:

> You seem to be making the invalid assumption that the purpose of an
> APRS transmission is to get into APRS-IS.

It is the most common use of APRS.

> Sorry, but that's nonsense, especially if you actually care about RF
> operation.  It _might_ be true, in _your_ area, _if_ you only care
> about getting back to the internet.
> What we do is amateur _radio_, not amateur internet interfacing.
> APRS-IS is a very nice auxiliary, but it is not the purpose of APRS.

APRS is for _local_ tactical information. We live in an extremely
sparsely populated country, and even here two hops is often too
far away to be local.

Without APRS-IS APRS would not be what it is today. It would be a
patchy local specialty like what P25 or D-STAR are now.

Benjamin OH3BK
		Live Reports from the Taxman's Paradise!

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