[aprssig] AvMap question

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Feb 13 19:49:26 EST 2011


If you have the G5, then you send it the special Kenwood protocol that defines all 200 APRS symbols and the G5 displays the colorful APRS symbols exactly.

If you have a G4, then it is NMEA and it is like every other GPS, except atht the Avmap can distinguish between something that is moving it gives one kind of symbol, (red triangle) or if it is fixed, then it displays a blue circle.


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>   When the AvMap is in use, just what is the Kenwood
>   radio sending to it, so the AvMap can display APRS
>   stations?  Is it simple NMEA waypoint sentences???
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>   Earl
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