[aprssig] How The FCC Plans To Destroy GPS - A Simple Explanation

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Thu Feb 10 20:59:01 EST 2011

On 2/8/2011 11:19 AM, Rahn Abbott wrote:
> How long or how far will this go on before the military pulls the plug on it? 
> If it is going to affect civilian GPS it will no doubt affect military GPS as 
> well. I can't see the military letting it get too far out of hand. I can't 
> see a wireless internet provider push around the military.
> Rahn

Latest update on this mess on the Urgent Communications Magazine website 
(Urgent Comm is a trade magazine addressing the land mobile radio community):


Quoting from the last two paragraphs of this story:

"LightSquared and the government have been grappling over potential GPS 
interference concerns posed by the network. LightSquared has pledged to work 
with the FCC to address interference concerns raised by the NTIA, which told 
the FCC that several federal agencies — including the Deprtment of Homeland 
Security — are concerned about LightSquared’s hybrid network would interfere 
with their communications services.

"Grant of the LightSquared waiver would create a new interference environment, 
and it is incumbent on the FCC to deal with the resulting interference issues 
before any interference occurs," NTIA head Lawrence Strickling wrote to the 
FCC. "Several federal agencies with vital concerns about this spectrum band, 
including the Departments of Defense, Transportation and Homeland Security, 
have informed NTIA that they believe the FCC should defer action on the 
LightSquared waiver until these interference concerns are satisfactorily 



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