[aprssig] Old radio repair (OT)

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Feb 3 18:19:34 EST 2011

> The 430 has a nice quiet receiver, too. I'd say have it repaired.

Thanks for the advice from you and others.

It was the first HF rig I used for 10.151 LSB APRS and is what I used to
establish that frequency back in 1985.

And for those who have now wasted all the bandwidth complaining that the
word APRS was not mentioned in the message, and have now caused this thread
to multiply far beyond necessary, yes, the reason I want to figure out about
this radio is because I want to get back on the air on the 30m APRS channel.
I've been off for a decade...

I would think by now that anyone that did not like the subject of someone
else's message would have learned to ignore it rather than MULTIPLY the spam
all the rest of us have to read by adding further comment to no benefit to

Based on the good feedback about this radio, I have decided that repair is a
good idea. (to get back on APRS HF packet).  So end of thread.



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