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Erv Heimbuck erv at heimbuck.com
Sat Dec 31 12:43:54 EST 2011

I also have been looking at this unit.  It is definitely more attractive
from a price stand point then some of the alternatives. Granted it requires
an external GPS but most of us have those anyway if we have been using an
opentracker or the equivelent.

Looking forward to some reviews   Thanks

Erv  K0OTZ-2  (truck)    -1  Gran  Prix   (when my wife lets me put it in
for trips)

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Does anyone on the list who has purchased a Yag Tracker care to share
what they think about it after having a chance to play with it?  It
looks intriguing to me - I'm thinking it might be nice to use with my
1998 TM-V7A - and replace the DUMB TRACKER!

Also, does a Yag Tracker have its own tocall, or does it use the one
for RPC Electronics?

Lee - K5DAT

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